Friday, April 21, 2006

More evidence I married the most perfect man EVER:

Today I dropped off Sister at Nordstrom after taking her to get her nails done and out to lunch (happy birthday, Sister!). While dropping her off, I figured I might as well look for some nice black high heels (which I've been desperately needing, since my current black heels are these horrid chunky mary-jane-esque things that only work with my slutty Catholic schoolgirl halloween costume, which I now only wear for Husband, since I no longer need it to seduce various legions of men).


So I message Husband to ask if it's ok with him if I pick up some heels, since shoes at Nordstrom are not a light purchase. His response?

(verbatim) Are they cute? Pick up a nice skirt to go with them too!

Seriously. I married the best man ever.

AND... BEHOLD THE SHOES!!! In black, of course. Oh, how I love them! I also picked up some new Reefs, since my old ones are about to kick the bucket and I figure I'll be needing them in Costa Rica.

Next on the footwear list: Some cute wedges (maybe, if I can find some that are fun and classy at the same time- a hard feat for wedges), some new canyoneering shoes (my 5.10 canyoneers are beat to hell and it would suck ass for them to break in the middle of a 6 hour long technical wet canyon), and some new sneakers (basically ditto for them).


Blogger Heather said...

Ooooohhhh! Thos are cute shoes!!

2:19 PM  

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