Thursday, February 09, 2006

Open Letter

Attention DreamJob Boss:

When an employee of yours has just worked her ass off to help you during one of the busiest times of year, when she worked more hours during that time than you did, when she just spent the entire last week AT WORK so that you could stay home on vacation with your family, when she's doing the same thing THIS WEEK....

Maybe you shouldn't screw her over when her family is coming into town. Maybe you shouldn't promiser her time off and then not give it to her and then leave it for her to fix. Maybe you shouldn't give her some bullshit about not being able to pay anyone overtime who wants to cover for her since you just paid her to work a full fucking week in a row. Maybe you shouldn't laugh in her face when she's asking you questions, attempting to understand. MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T TELL HER THAT YOU VALUE HER BUT YOU DON'T OWE HER ANY FAVORS AND THAT SHE'S SIMPLY HERE TO WORK.

Because maybe, just maybe.... she'll think twice before doing you any more favors.

Maybe if this sort of shit keeps up, she won't stick around for very much longer.

I have a DreamJob. I certainly do not have a DreamBoss.


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