Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mine Vacation!!

Today was good.

I got two $200 purses, but at a (real) cost to me of about $60. I love free and mostly-free things. (Besides, no matter what anyone says, accessories are great.)

Also, Brother 2 is coming to town tomorrow!!! For a snowboarding vacation!!!! And Husband and I have the whole week off!!! Hot damn, do I need a break from work. (By the by, it snowed today. KICK ASS.)

The best part about all of this is that Brother 2 is coming basically to see Husband and me and not the rest of the family, as they will all sit around and talk about either religion or gambling, and Husband and I will actually go out and do fun things.

Also fun is that, because of DreamJob, I'm basically in a position to give him free things. Specifically over $1000 of free things. And since Brother 2 rocks, this makes me happy. AND when Brother 4 and his stupid wife come into town to see Brother 2, they won't accompany us when we go snowboarding because I will not give them free things. They've already had their free things, they've come to expect free things, and I will pony up free things for them no longer. They're so fucking cheap I can't stand it. Besides, I will not go boarding with Wife 4 since she will not go down black diamonds, which are where we prefer to be.

So yes. I will have to spend one night with the entire extended fam. But after that it's a week of snowboarding, eating, canyoneering, and fun. Topped off with an end of the week visit from Mine Nephew, the sweetest little boy who constantly substitutes "mine" for "my".


Blogger Heather said...

If I go down a black diamond and break my neck, will I get free things as well???

8:22 PM  
Blogger pengalin said...

Hell, yeah!

9:04 PM  

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