Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Class Action at my house!! There *will* be snacks, but BYOB.

Ah, the joys of driving home post-snowstorm. The actual accidents-witnessed report is down from usual, but the very-close-calls-witnessed report is way up! A head-on in the canyon, but no one upside-down, in the river, or both (this time).... caused by a retard trying to pass, of course.

My favorite you-get-what-you-deserve-for-driving-like-an-ass,-you-ass story is the ass that tried to pass on a windy canyon two-lane road covered in snow because he felt like he could do a much better job of driving than the person in front. He passed, slid, rolled, and rolled some more, right into the river. Landing upside-down, of course. Oops.

But that was a couple months ago.

I never cease to be amused by people in little pissy cars that try to drive way faster than conditions allow... especially when they try to stop. Or when they try to tailgate me. The canyon roads are so heavily gravelled that all I have to do is go a little to the side, and !! They get a hail of gravel flipped right up onto their windshield. They back off real fast... never fails!

Anyhow, to UDOT, you bunch of fucking tools... maybe when you know there's a big storm coming you should go out and salt the roads. You know, to prevent accidents *before* they happen. Just a thought. Oh, and another thought- while you're gravelling the canyon, why don't you go out and gravel the rest of town. You know, while you're at it. So that it won't turn into the skating rink it ALWAYS DOES.

I've often wondered if people who get in a crash in town contemplating suing UDOT for negligence. I'm pretty sure they couldn't get the whole "willful and wanton" thing to stick in court though.


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