Sunday, January 29, 2006


People who wear real fur smell really, really bad.

Maybe it's the sense-memory I have of the 3rd rate opera singer we knew from church back home... condescending, nouveau riche (but without the money) and an *awful* voice of which she was immensely proud... she always wore her full length fur coat and hot DAMN did she smell bad.

Anyways, yeah. That big event at DreamJob that kept me from posting is finally over... aside from really long hours, it wasn't that bad (even though everyone told me it would be horrendous). I got to see and do a ton of really cool things (which, by the way, if you ever get a chance to see God Grew Tired of Us, DO IT- it was a mind-blowing film).

The only thing that really sucked was driving home last night... the weather was so bad that I had to drive three of my (male) coworkers home as well because they were too scared to drive. The Bronco? No problems. Hot shit.


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