Saturday, January 21, 2006

Festering Ass

So I know I'm all busy at work and whatnot, but I had to write down this story before it was lost forever:

Husband and I were eating lunch today at Kneader's when I tried my "Planet Peaches" smoothie... which happened to taste like peach-flavored cough syrup. I made a face and handed it to Husband for him to try. He did and was making his "This tastes like ASS" face when the manager, who had been lurking just outside our periphery, popped his head in front of us and asked how the meal was. I shot a panicked look at Husband, who actually *choked* on the Ass Smoothie before managing to croak out, "Uh... everything's ok!"

If I can get Husband to make another "THIS IS ASS" face, I'll totally post a picture.


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