Monday, December 05, 2005


There's a story in the news about a Chicago business owner who recently put up a sign asking children to behave and use their indoor voices. Now he's getting all sorts of shit for being unwelcoming to children.

What the fuck? The parents who are mouthing off the loudest are obviously the ones with little shits for children. Where did their children learn to mouth off and misbehave, one wonders?

Those with unruly children say to me, "One day you'll understand."

Uh, yes. I understand that when we have children, I'll do the grocery shopping at night when my husband is at home to watch the children. I understand that I will not be taking my small children to restaurants or movies (to parents who do this, who the hell do you think you are?)... my first movie in a movie theatre was when I was twelve, and I sure wasn't any worse for the wear. When my husband and I go out on dates, we will hire a babysitter instead of dragging small children with us. On road trips, when we need to get food we'll go through the drive through and park in the parking lot to eat instead of inflicting our children on others. When my children misbehave, they will be punished and told that what they are doing is not appropriate behavior.

Ok. Done with my rant.

Sorry about that, I'm just tired of seeing irresponsible parents, ones who pop out babies faster than they can take care of them, ones who whine as loud as their children... I'm tired of seeing these parents get ANY media attention at all. We should just bitch slap them and send them on their ways, the asshats.


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