Thursday, December 29, 2005

Vacation Synopsis

Ah, Monticello. There's something to be said of a small town where life is slow.

I learned on this trip that there is only one stop light in the entire county (San Juan County), which county also happens to be larger than Rhode Island, possibly even Connecticut.

Here's the Brother report:

Brother 2 had to leave the day after we arrived. Sometimes work schedules SUCK. But I managed to have a talk with him where he not only told me how cool I am (!!), but also that he wasn't going to sit back and let his wife rob him of fun anymore. This made me happy. I also got a chance to talk to his wife, who said she hadn't realized that Brother 2 had been so unhappy (a conclusion she made on her own, as I wasn't about to tell her he wanted to drop-kick her ass) and that things were going to change once they got back home, and she was going to support him in his pursuit of leisure. This made me immensely happy.

I also re-learned on this trip that once Brother 2 leaves, life is boring. Brother 1, who is obsessed with gambling and playing games (and who also happens to be a fairly bad father to his childred) effectively nixed every plan to go outside and play that we presented him with. His reason? "I don't want to do that with kids." Hell. I wanted to say, "[Brother 2] always brings his kids along and they seem to do just fine!" but refrained, seeing as Brother 1 was really depressed because everyone was talking about how they all missed Brother 2 and wished he was still there.

Brother 1 was also depressed because his children are scrawny (his 8 year old daughter is smaller than Brother 2's 6 year old daughter, and his 5 year old son, who happens to still be in diapers, is much smaller than Brother 2's almost 4 year old son, who decided at the age of 2 to be potty-trained). It didn't help that Brother 2's children, who have no tact (along the lines of children everywhere), constantly pointed the size disparity out.

Oh, and the last reason Brother 1 was depressed? His oldest son (10), kept going around saying, "When are we going to gamble???" and everyone looked at him and then at Brother 1 with the expression "What the FUCK have you taught this child??" on their faces.

Brother 4 was supposed to come down, but as we all expected, he didn't because his wife didn't want to.

And Brother 3 lives in Texas. He came up for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas this year.

Other vacation activities? We went real estate hunting for my father. Found him a sweet 320 acre plot of land (one of the land boundaries is a 500 foot red rock cliff!) with a gorgeous cedar/pinion house that he seems interested in... I really hope he goes for it, it would be an awesome place to visit.

And now? Time to go back to work. Hell.


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