Saturday, December 10, 2005


I guess some people believe their rights are greater than the rights of others.

In Utah, when a highway patrolman is killed in the line of duty, a very large cross is erected in the spot where he fell. His name is placed on it, and a memorial of what happened sits at the foot of the cross.

A group of Atheists are trying to have the crosses removed, claiming that it violates their rights and also violates the separation of church and state... and what the hell? In this instance, crosses are more symbolic of sacrifice than anything else. Not to mention that Mormons as a religion don't use crosses as religious symbolism. And from those troopers' families who have some form of religious connection with the cross comes a truly great question:

"As an atheist you believe in nothing. Why is it so offensive to see somebody else believe in something?"


Blogger Heather said...

Because we have turned into a country of pussies who bends at the will of the minority. I miss the days when the men were men, and whiners got their asses stomped.

Gone are those days...just as the general authorities said it would happen.

1:41 PM  

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