Friday, November 18, 2005

To my sister, who will never read this

My sister, who is in hair school (yes, our whole family is supportive of it and no, she isn't stupid, she is in fact brilliant), had her big floor test today. This test normally comes at a much later point in many hair student's careers (Sister has only been in school for a month), but because she's a natural at it, she took it today, with me as her willing volunteer.

Anyways, she had to mime doing all sorts of dye and highlighting procedures on me, which she did using conditioner instead of real dye. Five hours later, I have the softest and most shiny hair ever and she is now ready to do haircuts and dye jobs on real people. Not coincidentally, I will be her first customer on Monday.

But as a shout out to my sister- you are doing a great job and we're so happy that you're in a field you enjoy. How many people truly love their professions? Not many. You are very lucky, very talented and very loved.


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