Saturday, November 19, 2005

Thoughts on the BYU vs Utah game

Well, BYU lost at the very last second, which seems to be something that they're quite seasoned at by now. I went into the game thinking I just wanted to see a good game, but came to the realization that I wanted to see Utah lose... the sole reason being that Ute fans are such whiney whores when they lose, much more so than most BYU fans.

I've also come to the decision that there are two types of Ute fans:

1. The Non-Mormons who are pissed off that BYU, a Mormon college, is the best school in the state.
2. The Mormon Utes, who are pissed off that they weren't good enough to get into BYU.

Also, on a side note: BYU starts all their games with a prayer. While there are many Mormon-haters out there, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PRAY WITH US, FUCKERS. BUT YOU CAN REFRAIN FROM BLOWING YOUR AIRHORNS AND RUNNING YOUR MOUTH OFF OUT OF RESPECT FOR ANOTHER PERSON'S RELIGION.

Why do they do this? The prayer is "violating their rights". Why is it that almost all of the damned "freedom of speech" and "oh, my rights, my rights!!" whiners only care about THEIR freedom of speech, but for those of us who are religious, they don't give a shit if they trample all over our rights. Holy shit.


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