Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Step 1 of 12 aka Sorry, Husband

I am a blanket-a-holic.

I have an insatiable need to completely curl up so that there is no blanket left for anyone but me. Previously, this hasn't been a problem as I was single and sharing a bed with nobody but ME. (Even then I bought a full-sized comforter for my twin-sized bed, which is only the beginning of my sad addiction.)

When Husband and I got married...... We had to have separate blankets. Otherwise I'd go into curl-up mode and Husband would wake up with no blanket at all, while I was completely lost in a huge mound of fluff.

I worked really hard on fixing my problem, and we eventually started sharing a blanket. We just barely got a king-sized bed, and I thought to myself: !! My problem may be over for good.

Until I woke up this morning encased in the ENTIRE GIANT COMFORTER, all in one big lump.

"Oh no," I thought, "it's happening again!"


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