Monday, November 07, 2005

School Rant

How lame is this? I come off a fabulous (dare I say... orgasmic!) weekend, and here I am on Monday, all down and mopey.


I hate school. I love learning, but I love learning at my own pace (meaning when I'm not feeling lazy or when I don't have better things to do). I also only love learning when I'm actually LEARNING something, not taking these bullshit final classes in my college career.

I have one semester left, and I wish I could be done NOW without having to do that last semester. Blah.

"Why don't you go to grad school?" my mom inquires. "You're so smart, it would be a shame if you don't go."

Because I would rather be dead than go to grad school, comes the thought. But I spout something off about how I'd rather be blah blah blah blah instead.

The truth is, I'd rather be doing ANYTHING except school. I know a girl doing grad school here at BYU (she's actually a former boss and a total bitch, but that's a different story)... she still lives with her parents, she's 27, and is utterly terrified of the real world. She's done fairly well in school her whole life, and is hiding under the shelter of "My efforts are only valid if I can actually show that I earned an A." She's scared to start her own life, to face the uncertainty of making a real life for herself.

Most people in grad school are there for a valid reason, like furthering a career or some such other thing. Some are there to escape real life.

Fuck that. I'm ready to start my real life. I'll never stop seeking out knowledge. I read Milton of my own volition. I learn new skills and try new things all the time. But FUCK this school thing, I'm ready to live my own life. Hot damn.

On a funnier note, the Smith Fieldhouse had a water main break over the weekend and flooded with 5 feet of water. Physical Facilities had a water alarm sound at 6:30am (when the break happened), but didn't turn the water off until a leisurely hour and a half later. Go BYU!


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