Thursday, October 13, 2005


One of the things that struck me when I was interviewing for DreamJob was when my (then future) boss mentioned that she'd been working there for five years and never once had dreaded going to work. I'd just come from a string of really lousy jobs, and that sentiment appealed to me.

Just imagine: not ever dreading going to work.

And for the first six weeks, I reveled in it. I *loved* going to work. I was so happy- finally I'd found a place I wanted to be. A place where I was happy to go.

Then I learned just enough about the system to recognize my Dishonest Coworker for what he really was- Dishonest. My opinion of him was set in concrete after he tried to steal $300 from me (in commissions).

Here's the rub- My boss has made it clear that she wants to know any time a coworker doesn't do their job (apparently in the past there was a guy who was doing all sorts of shady things and no one told the boss because they all assumed she knew). And I tell her when people aren't doing their job. But my complaints primarily involve Dishonest Coworker because he is, for the most part, the only one not doing his job.

But since Dishonest Coworker isn't popular with the rest of the staff, the boss gets lots of complaints about him. She doesn't see it when she works with him (because of COURSE he'll do his job when the boss is standing right there)... so anyone whose complaints routinely center around Dishonest Coworker.... she labels that person as a Sensitive Complainer.

Apparently, I am a Sensitive Complainer.

In my last talk with my boss (the one where I got the bullshit write-up for Dishonest Coworker's actions), she again reiterated that she wants me to come to her with any problems I find involving other coworkers.

How am I supposed to do that when she brushes off everything I say? Argh.

Anyways. I have a shift at work tonight. I haven't had to work since Saturday. And here I am, desperately not wanting to go to work. So much for the dream, eh?


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