Monday, October 03, 2005


Your toddlers DO NOT belong in sit-down restaurants. Especially if you've trained your toddler to be a whiny piece of SHIT that can only be placated by playing your cellphone's ringtone again and again for the little bastard.

HELL, people. When will parents realize that fulfilling their whiny little bastard's every command and wish will only result in MORE whiny demands?

Sorry for all you Nature over Nurture people.... unless your infant is colicky, you really CAN train them to be whiny/not whiny by how you respond to them. If you're a calm parent, the chances are pretty high that your child will also be calm. If you're high-strung and freak out a lot, or are just incompetent in general, your kid will be a hellion. I've seen it dozens of times on both sides. It's interesting how ridiculously easy it is to predict how an infant will turn out as a toddler and as a child just by watching their parents.


Blogger Heather said...

What's even better is when you are on a nice, relaxing vacation and some parents think it's cute to let their poopaloompas run rampant. When they are confronted, they merely scoff, "We paid for this vacation, so we can do whatever we want."

Not everyone thinks children in a sugar-induced frenzy is adorable.

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