Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Moving Time!

Well, that's it. It's a done deal, our house. This weekend is officially moving time, and I am mostly excited with a smattering of not-wanting-to-pack-all-our-shit-up-husband-can't-we-just-throw-it-all-away-and-buy-new-shit-AFTER-we-move-in?

Naw, as lazy as I am, I do like moving. It's actually my laziness that motivates me. For those who have lived with me before, I have an inner pack rat. It's not a very big pack rat per se, but it's a pack rat nonetheless. And moving motivates me to de-pack rat.

Excuse me for a moment while I, once again, freak out about the awesomeness of our new digs.

Guys, there is so much room in our house that we're going to be able to have an office, a music room, a room for our sports shit, AND a game room. All while having a big ol' room for my little sister, who is moving in with us so she can have cheaper rent, thus making it possible for her to go to school more and go to work less.

And the yard- ahh. It almost sucks that we're going into winter (ALMOST, but not really because it means I get to snowboard every single day if I so desire), because I want to garden and grow things and eat them.

The kitchen- MASSIVE. Room for all my cooking and baking needs. And the bonus is my sister. Because it's much easier to make big meals if you're cooking for three, and also it's much easier to make big meals if there's someone there to help. (Note: husband helps tremendously, but considering he's gone from 6am to 10pm four days out of the week, there's not much he can do.) It's also much easier to clean up if there's someone there to help.

We also now have a spare bed AND a sleeper sofa. So anyone passing through who needs a place to crash, just call!

BTW- Zannah, we need to hang out! It's been far too long!! I'm totally free Wednesday after 1pm. So call me and let me know, I need to see your new place too!


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