Saturday, October 22, 2005


For some strange reason, I find it HUGELY aggravating that we're giving my sister a GIANT break on rent to live with us (ostensibly so she can save money) and we come home to find her strutting around in an UGLY ASS wool.... something.... it looks like the top of a women's business suit, but extremely thick, like something business women in Siberia would wear, if Siberia had business women. And in teal, because no one in Siberia cares about fashion, they just want to stay warm.

She declares "I got it for $50, it was on sale from $170!!!"

This simply means that no one was stupid enough to buy it for $170, and only she was stupid enough to buy it at $50.

As a side-note, this comes from the same sister who told me that I shouldn't ask dad for a Christmas present this year because he is slightly financially strapped, but she is going to ask him to buy a queen-sized bed for her single self as a Just-Because Present.

HELL, I can't ask for a $300 something for Christmas, but she can ask for a $1000 something because she wants it? She consistently fails to mention that we have a spare twin mattress that is heavenly, mostly because it would only cost $80 to get a boxspring and a frame for that.



Blogger Heather said...

You should point out this hipocrasy to little sis. Sometimes, us older siblings have to be the voice of reason. In fact, I think it is in the job description.

2:07 PM  

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