Saturday, September 03, 2005

I want to sleep in but I can't, damn it.

It's a damn good thing we didn't go camping down at Powell. Last night I got a visit from one of my favorite friends *ever*, the fever. I was pretty pissed off and felt like shit. I can only imagine that if I were in the heat that is southern utah, I would have felt even shittier.

Anyhow, yeah. I discovered a very sad thing yesterday- one of the little bastards we teach at church is this poor three year old who *obviously* has mental progress issues. He can't talk, doesn't show affection (not even to his parents), doesn't even flinch if anyone raises their voice to him. He is basically unteachable, and there is something very obviously wrong with him. And last night I found out that they don't think anything is wrong with him, that he'll just "grow out" of his problems.

Shit, people. I realize that we live in Utah Valley, and the very nature of this is to live in all sorts of personal/professional/educational/political bubbles. But HELL. The welfare of your child is vastly more important than you keeping your "we don't have a mentally handicapped child... no, not us" bubble intact.

On another note, Utah has now joined the ranks of people paying over $3 a gallon for gas. This makes me laugh, as it's really not that big of an expense. Oh wait. I'm sorry, Mr. Hummer. It *is* a big expense for you, you with your giant hummer and very tiny penis, with your 1,000 gallon gas tank that you have to refill every other day. It's a big expense for you, but not really for anyone else.

Honestly. Insurance fraud has driven the cost of car insurance WAY up, and I'm pretty sure that everyone who whines about the cost of gas actually pays way more for car insurance. Yet strangely enough, there is no whining about insurance fraud. Hmmm.


Blogger Heather said...

Sounds like the kid is autistic. Poor kid, he will suffer for the arrogance (or is that ignorance?) of his parents.

I know what you mean about the cost of gas. I can't help but laugh sadistically at the morons who bought gas-hogs in the name of vanity.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous pengalin said...

No kidding, I feel so bad for the kid.

I did have to laugh at myself this morning at the pump when the bill came to $35 and I was like, Dang, expensive!

10:49 AM  

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