Friday, September 09, 2005

Fit for what?

Heh. BYU was labelled by Men's Fitness magazine as the "Most Fit University".

Funny, they didn't mention the studies of BYU that revealed 1 out of 3 women who attend BYU have an eating disorder.

I hate this desire of BYU to have everything look perfect and to hide their problems. BYU is a hell hole of pressure to look better than the other girls in your apartment/class/congregation, because "you're not a good Mormon if you don't date", and about 95% of the single men at BYU are incredibly shallow and will only date about 5% of the women, the ones that "look better" than all the other single women.

I have actually seen this happen, where the men bitch about the women saying no to their requests for a date, and yet they won't ask out the ones that would say yes. Shoot for the stars, boys. That'll work. Or you could do the math. If 100 boys ask out the same 3 girls, well, shucks. Their schedules are bound to be full, wouldn't you think?

And so thre pressure grows. Not just to be healthy, but to be "thin". Not JUST to be thin, but to be THINNER than [fill in the blank]. It's the same bullshit mindset that Mormons have- the "we must look like we have more than [insert family]!!"

I should specify that this is not a tenet of the Mormon religion. Mormon culture and Mormon religion are two very different things. I love the religion, but I hate the culture so badly that even thinking about it disgusts me. When did we decide to sweep the whole "love one another" thing under the rug? What about the being humble part? What about the charity and kindness part, and the "love thy neighbor as thyself" part?

The religion is fantastic. The leaders are fantastic. The people, in large part, suck.


Blogger Heather said...

AMEN, SISTER!!!! I visited Pewtah once and being in the Fishbowl gave me hives. I had considered going to Breed'um Young for a fleeting moment, until one of the pious bitches (who happened to be attended at the time) made a stink that I would not be accepted because I have ears pierced 3 times.
I love the church, its the members who drive me bananas. The Midwest Mormons are not so bad...decent folks actually. It's the transplants from the West that annoy me with their "Back in Salt Lake..." blather.
You go girl!! If I attended the "Y", I think my posts would sound a lot like yours!!

10:24 AM  

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