Thursday, September 01, 2005

Cows on Playgrounds

Things I did today:

-Avoided getting t-boned by some zoobie who thought that *my* green light meant *his* right of way, accomplished by damn smooth swerving. What a dumbass.

-Ate dinner with my rich uncle while talking business. Hopefully this means that he'll invest in *our* business at some point in the future.

-Went several places while *not* getting my errands done.

-Got in a yelling fight with a fat woman whose children were picking on another child. I yelled "Hey!" to break them up, and the fat cow waddles over, udders wiggling and all, and screams "Don't you yell at my children!!" I managed to not curse at her, but I did let her know that she and her kids are fat, worthless whores, the whole lot of them.

-Realized that the plan Husband and I have concocted to be more frugal will actually save us $500 a month.

-Learned that on this paycheck, my commisions and bonuses will actually be bigger by themselves than my entire paycheck by itself.

I also managed to tear myself away from ER before it was done this morning so I could go do those errands I never got done. That was a veritable miracle. The tearing away from ER part, not the not getting errands done part. That part is a daily occurence.

Now it's time to pack for camping. Yes, after the disaster that was last weekend, we're going camping again. But this time there will be no hospitalization. Instead, this time there will be Lake Powell.


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