Wednesday, August 24, 2005

There is ALWAYS time for lubricant!


The bonus of making haphazard, spur-of-the-moment housing changes is that it's not impossible to reverse them.

I've got a meeting tomorrow night with the landlords. I'll see how much they're gonna try to bilk me, and then I'll start using big words. You know, the whole "failure to disclose" and "breach of contract". If that isn't enough nasty, then I'll drop that maybe they shouldn't have told me that their apartment is illegal. *then* I'll drop that I'd rather not give the Provo Housing Commision a call. Then I'll see how much they want to bilk me.

Don't dick with someone from the East. It's an unwritten rule. Even if you're a Monster Whore Bitch from Hell.

When bargaining hard, always cover your ass. Don't whip out the nasty right away, and if possible (ONLY if it's possible), don't whip out the nasty at all. But definitely *have* nasty that you could whip out if you needed to, and don't be afraid to do it if/when the time comes.

My thought is that it's better to leave a situation thinking that I was a hard ass instead of thinking that I just totally got screwed in the ass. Without lubricant.


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