Sunday, August 28, 2005

random and tired

HOT DAMN. Work is almost over, and you'd think that, as a grown-up, I could make it til midnight without longing for my bed. But that's really all I'm doing- sitting here, staring at the clock, wishing for nothing more than my puffy green blanket to wrap in and my husband to snuggle with.

Damn you to hell, Red Bull! Your promise of untold energy and excitement has fallen far short of my hopes and dreams!!!


In other news, school starts tomorrow, and I couldn't be happier. It's about damn time that I start my last year of school. About damn time. Plus it's going to be real nice- over the last few years I've figured out the right combination of responsibility and total lack of caring that lead to a maximum grade while allowing minimum class attendance at the same time. This means that I'll be going to about 50% of my lectures, which is no sweat off my back.

What other interesting things have happened..... Oh, another side-effect of muscle relaxers (besides the purple dots I see and the initial overwhelming sleepiness) is that I can sing like it's my very best voice day. That was a nice surprise. Not much help this year, even though my voice teacher guaranteed me a spot in Singers (nice to know I wouldn't have to go back to Sis. Hall.... love ya Roz, I just can't handle the contemporary bullshit), but my schedule is crap, and I wouldn't do it anyways since I don't want to tour for two months. But oh well. I'll have to save a few of those lovely pills for future auditions.

On a much more exciting note, I met one of my favorite actors (read:Oscar nominated) the other day. This man was a consummate gentleman. He waited in line, took his hat off to talk to me, drove himself around, and was completely pleasant and non-demanding. He made it a point to KNOW MY NAME. Who the hell does that anymore? That guy is an icon and will be rad in my book for the rest of my life.


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