Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Moving Time!

Something interesting happened yesterday. Husband and I, on a whim, randomly decided to look at another apartment. We liked it so much that we decided to sign for it right then and there.

So I guess it looks like we're moving. Now the question is.... what to do with our current apartment. I'm not too worried, as BYU has a massive population of married students always looking for apartments. The units in our complex tend to go really quickly, so bueno.

This is going to be a really nice move for us. We're finally moving OUT of Provo, somewhere rural and beautiful and close to Dream Job. "There has to be a hitch!" you say.

Well. There is.

The place we're moving is SO rural that the only internet available is *gasp* DIAL-UP. Holy hell, I haven't had dial-up for the better part of a decade. It's gonna be interesting for sure. So I'm going to keep updating, but it's just going to be very carefully from either Dream Job or School. Heh.

I guess now is the part where I wonder what I was thinking when school starts in less than a week and we need to move out ASAP. No rest for the wicked, eh?


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