Friday, August 26, 2005

Lifetime Learning

Lessons for me to learn:

-Stop going to Nordstrom.
-UVSC is a shit hole. Anticipate this before going there.
-BYU also is a shit hole, especially when filled with incoming freshmen.
-When BYU says to sign up for things online because it'll make life easier, assume they are lying.
-Also assume they are lying when they say their football team will be "really good this year".
-Stop eating out. Make food for yourself, lazy ass.
-After you make food for yourself, DO THE DAMN DISHES.

Leave it to me to spend $3000 in one week when we're trying to be "frugal". Granted, $1800 of that was for the demon apartment, and we've gotten that back. $400 of that was for textbooks. But whatever.

I deserve a spanking. Husband, please make a note of that.


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