Saturday, August 27, 2005

I'll take the Mystery Box!!!

Here's my conundrum. I can-

A) Take a muscle relaxer and actually be able to function on a somewhat normal level, until I attempt to drive home, which would most likely end up with death, or at the very least, serious bodily injury.

B) Abstain for the next hour, writhing in pain and contorted into a very funny shape while trying to do my job. Drive home in the exact same condition, which hopefully would end by me staggering sadly up my stairs, popping some pills and going to bed.

*sigh* B very obviously wins. Shitty back.

45 minutes left. I can do this.

EDIT: I finally came to a solution! I'll take a pill right as I'm leaving. Since they take 20-30 minutes to kick in, maybe I'll get some bliss right as I'm about to contort myself up my front steps!


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