Monday, August 15, 2005

Family Portrait


You hope that, at some point, your siblings will attain some semblance of maturity. That they'll be able to keep their damn mouths shut instead of opening up wide and trying to shove both feet in as far as they can get them.

Apparently, my sister has not yet reached this point. She's making good strides where her spending is concerned, yes. But her interpersonal relationships?

My husband makes a good point. She's great, she's fun... and she's 16. Although she is much older than this in real life..... in her head, she is 16. And he's right. She acts exactly like she's 16.

Point in case- my mom has some trouble because she had a brain tumor. You know, impulse and emotion control and things like that. Today my sister went over and said something to her that caused her to freak out. As if that weren't enough, Sister just kept on making it worse with her petulant little smart ass comments.

SISTER. STOP BEING A PIECE OF SHIT. Mom can't really control her actions, but here's a Newsflash- YOU CAN. Grow up.

Oh, and while we're at it? You're NOT picked on, you're NOT responsible, and you act like you're still in high school. Grow up. You would be super cool if you acted your age.


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