Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Ah, the first day of school.

In the past, I've inevitably had to completely redo my schedule a week after school had already started. This semester has proved to be no exception.

That's not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that I get to be screwed in the ass three times by the bookstore. The first time was when I picked up the books for my initial classes. The second time was the time I picked up my books for my "just kidding, I'm going to take these" classes. And the third time will happen tomorrow when I attempt to return my first try at textbooks. I think it's about time for the government to start regulating this shit. I mean, come ON. They change one picture in the whole damn textbook and re-release it as a new edition for an extra $100. It's time to stick it to the Textbook Man. Now... just how to do that.... hmmm...

Anyways, yeah. So another year starts. Another year of my love/hate relationship with BYU. Have I bitched about the parking tags? BYU is giving away free parking tags this year and charging for the pass to ride the public transportation system. They did the exact opposite of this last year. It seems some bastards didn't want to pay the parking fee and they didn't want to ride the bus, so they just parked south of campus. In an attempt to get them off the streets this year, BYU came up with the genius free parking tag idea. Except now everyone who rode the bus is now driving to school. There are no parking spots *anywhere* since BYU refuses to give the students some of the old faculty parking lots, even though they've built several large and new faculty parking lots recently. And all of the bastards who were parking south of campus? Guess what. Most of them are still parking south of campus.

Come on BYU. You're smarter than that.

It's funny how I forget certain things after having a luxurious summer off. I forgot how impossible it is to get lunch on campus at noon. I also forgot about how the average speed of traffic goes from 45 to 10 once all the shitty students return. And I forgot how large the portion of the student population is that happen to be subsidized by mommy and daddy.

I am so ready to be done. Ugh.

Anyhow, about my classes. There's a football player in one of them. I can't wait for some of the pearls of wisdom he's bound to produce. The others are so early I'm not sure I'll remember very much. The teacher in my earliest one kept catching me texting Husband... I assume he didn't like that too much as he kept giving me the stink eye.

Nothing else happened today. Except the girl decked out in Juicy Couture who asked if she could sit next to me at lunch. In my head I said, "No, anyone who buys the grossly overpriced pile of shit that is Juicy cannot sit with me. Also, I don't allow anyone who is wearing couture of any form IN COLLEGE to sit with me. Go screw the football team instead." But my mouth said, "Sure!" And so there was no doing of the football team by anyone at *my* table.

Also making a comeback this year is my love/hate relationship with hw and things-to-do lists. The part of me that's a slackass would much rather make no lists at all, instead opting to find out about important dates and deadlines *after* they pass. But the OCD/control freak side of me gets this perverse pleasure in crossing items off the list, therefore feeling in control and like I'm accomplishing things. So yeah. It's list making time for me.

Also, my schedule this semester is extremely conducive to snowboarding. I hope the season starts early.


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