Monday, July 11, 2005


So I've now been officially bestowed with the Dream Job. SCORE.

But for the next two weeks, I'll be working the new Dream Job as well as the Crappy Old Job, plus trying to go to school full time. So if I'm a little quiet, that's why.

I'm so happy right now. Content enough to just sit here in the breeze of the fan and just be.

Plus I'm stoked about the gym- my sister and I signed up today and soon I'll be running my little heart out on a moving surface that goes nowhere. Much like a hamster in a wheel. But really I'm just excited about the thrill of getting into shape again. I was so fit when I met my husband, but years of him wooing me by taking me out to eat on a daily basis have taken their toll. It's time. Time for a change. Time to make my life even better.


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