Monday, July 18, 2005

Doug, once again, off the juice.

Today at Current Job, I was treated to the experience of being ogled by a 40-something very fat and smelly incarnation of Dan Aykroyd. Very freaky. Very smelly. Very This-Job-Isn't-Worth-That-Crap.

On a more depressing note (I know, how can you get more depressing than a fat, lechy Dan Aykroyd?), I'm counting down the days left stuck in Current Job (3)...... when much to my dismay, my boss (who is beyond aggravating in her Attention To Details That Make No Freaking Difference But Are A Huge Waste Of My Time, or ATDTMNFDBAAHWOMT) lays on the guilt trip really heavily and wants me to stay until they find a replacement for me.

Why? WHY, GOD, WHY???


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