Thursday, July 28, 2005

bitch bitch bitch bitch

I should preface this post by saying that I'm really bitchy at the moment because I have blisters the size of Nebraska on my feet. If my feet were the size of Texas, that is.

Anyhow, tonight we went to the wedding reception of some friends of Husband's from school. They're a really sweet couple, but also very young and somewhat naive. While I wish them well, I'm going to bitch. It's what I do.

I really should just start by saying that I don't like country-themed weddings. I don't think that cowboy boots and a big puffy princess dress go very well together. Even when worn by someone who is trying her best to be picked up as the fourth member of the Dixie Chicks.

I don't like weddings where it is very obvious that the bride is one of *those* brides. You know, the really self-obessed ones. They drive me insane.

I really didn't like the way the bride announced as they were cutting the cake that there would be no smearing. She then waited until she had already been fed by her husband and was safe from being smeared. Then she proceeded to smear *his* piece of cake all over his face. I have never thought that was funny. Her husband also apparently shares my sentiments, judging by the incredibly pissed off look on his face. (My Husband's comment: "And so it begins.")

I also don't like weddings that very obviously cost a very large sum of money and still turn out incredibly chintzy looking.

Maybe I'm pissed off because we managed to have a really classy, beautiful wedding on an incredibly small budget. It took a TON of work on my part, but it was worth it. Then again, maybe I'm pissed off because these little kids had a way bigger wedding allowance than I did.

And at the very end of my bitchy list, I do not like incredibly expensive weddings that offer the guests water that tastes like it came out of a garden hose.


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