Wednesday, July 13, 2005

ass print

Can I reiterate how excited I am for Dream Job? This time it's for a different reason, though.

Air Conditioning.

My current job is in a big ol' building with no air conditioning. Here I sit, desperately longing for each pass of the little fan, wondering if ass sweat is visible through my thin, cool hiking pants yet. I bet it is. The next time I stand up, I'm gonna have a bunch of teenage punks pointing and lauging at the sweat-print of my ass showing through my pants.

My husband, at this very moment, is hanging out with some friends on a boat on Utah Lake. Bitches.

HAHA, I was about to write something along the lines of how I love working out in the morning because it leaves me in such a good mood all day. Needless to say, when it's over 100° outside, all bets regarding my mood later on are off.

Holy shit, I can't wait for ski season to start. dammit.


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